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First published by AuthorHouse 8/7/2006
ISBN: 1-4259-2541-3 (sc)
ISBN: 104259-2542-1 (dj)
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Spiritual Reconnection: Imprisoned Newlywed Ponders Past in New Novel
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 10, 2006, Join author Don Cauble on a spiritual journey through self-awareness as he explores the question "Who am I?" in his new book, "This Passing World: Journey from a Greek Prison" (now available through AuthorHouse).

Set in 1972, the story begins with the marriage of David and Angelina. Philosophical and poetic, David could not be more different from his impetuous, free-spirited wife, but they are connected through their deep love and prepare themselves for the years of happiness to come.

For their honeymoon, they backpack through Europe before finally resting temporarily in the beautiful country of Greece. They soon befriend a Danish couple named Johan and Eva. Before long, the couple has offered David and Angelina the use of their house in Monemvasia, Greece, while they return to Denmark for the summer.
Upon moving into the house, David uses his free time to build a beautiful, rock-walled garden in the yard of the house. Hidden among the flowers and foliage are a few cannabis plants. When David's marijuana is discovered, he is arrested and sentenced to two years in a Greek prison.

During his sentence, David begins to reconnect with himself spiritually. Through memories, dreams and reflections, he begins to ponder his past.
When he is released, he finds that prison has permanently changed him. He travels to Copenhagen to find Angelina and discovers that she, too, has changed. She is living with her new lover, a Japanese sculptor. David also discovers that she recently became involved with his good friend in their hometown in Oregon. With devastating damage already incurred by their fragile marriage, David and Angelina return home to Oregon where they will face the changes in themselves and their relationship.